Add Totole xian clam sauce  to make food flavorful and brighter.Totole sesame oil makes the scent of the dish more persistent and rich.Totole xian taste sauce can get rid of the smell of raw meat.

Food material

  • rice tofu
  • millet pepper
  • garlic paste
  • ginger slice
  • scallions
  • coriander
  • prickly ash


  • Totole xian clam sauce
  • Totole sesame oil
  • Totole xian taste sauce


  • Cut the rice tofu into 1cm pieces,blanch in the boiling water and place on the plate.
  • Make the sauce with Totole xian clam sauce, Totole xian taste sauce,millet pepper,ginger,scallions,coriander and prickly ash.
  • Drizzle the rice tofu with the sauce and sesame oil.