Premium Soy Sauce (Banquet) best-selling products
  • Original juice, taste the Xian.
  • Excellent Quality Select the excellent juice squeezed out of bean.
  • Xian Tastes Salty and delicious, Xian with sweetness,rich taste, thick soy sauce aroma.
  • Super Standard Reaching the national special standard(amino acid nitrogen,0.8g/100ml).
  • Great Material By fermentation of northeast soybean and high quality wheat.
  • Cooking Method It is especially recommended to use light soy sauce when cooking to make dishes delicious.

Other Products

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  • Abalone oyster sauce
    • Product Description Selection of oyster and abalone——Selection of oyster juice and abalone juice with rich seafood flavor, squeeze as much as you want, no need to shake the bottle of oyster sauce, PET bottle body and cross valve port, optimize the consumption experience.
    • Product Feature Selection of oyster and abalone with rich seafood flavor,squeeze as much as you want.
    • Product Specifications 232g ×24(Main specification), 396g×12, 2.55kg×4(catering channel)
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  • Selected Soy Sauce (Banquet)
    • Product Description Selected soy sauce flavor, tastes delicious, it's suit for frying, dipping, braising and filling.
    • Product Feature 1.Select raw materials, great soy sauce flavor. 2.The color is bright and the taste is delicious. 3.It's suit for frying, dipping and braising.
    • Product Specifications 1.8L/bottle
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  • Scallop Liquid Seasoning (Banquet)
    • Product Description Product introduction: Scallop Liquid Seasoning is composed of hydrolyzed vegetable protein and scallop extract. Selected high quality scallops, with the strict selection of the ingredients and modern processing technology, to make a mellow but not greasy seasoning with bright color.
    • Application Method Suitable for all kinds of seafood cooking, foraging, salad dressing, and sashimi dressing.
    • Product Specifications 230ml/ 405ml/ 405ml×3
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  • Dipping Liquid Sauce (Banquet)
    • Product Description The classic high quality of Totole special spice sauce for 30 years was consistent. The sauce is made of refined brewed soy sauce and a variety of spices for processing, simmering, savoring, and flavoring. The flavor is rich and full, which greatly enhances the taste and makes people have endless aftertaste.
    • Cooking Method It is especially recommended braising with braised and braised ingredients, which can meet various flavoring demands of meat cooking.
    • Product Specification 623ml / 623ml×2 bottle / 623ml×3bottle
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  • Hot Liquid Seasoning (Banquet)
    • Product Description Spicy fresh sauce made by selected ingredient brings spicy taste, rich but not pungent, wonderful for dishes.
    • Product Feature 1.Rich in spicy. 2.Remain Xian. 3.Delicious flavor.
    • Product Specifications 492g (standard weight) / 122g
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